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5 Signs of Water Damage in Your East End Long Island Home

Water damage can be a health and safety hazard if left unattended. Many homes in Montauk, the Hamptons, and the rest of the east end of Long Island fall victim …

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Implementing a fire escape plan

In NY’s East End, did you know that implementing a fire escape plan could save the lives of you, your family, and your pets? Implementing a fire escape plan is …

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If your furnace is leaking water

If your furnace is leaking water, call Restoration 1 of East End. If your furnace is leaking water, then you may need a technician to come and resolve the matter. …

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Biohazard Contamination Safety Tips

No matter the situation, Biohazard contamination is always a risk. Even minor biohazards pose health risks. Blood, bodily fluids, and waste can be a carrier for many diseases, viruses, and …

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Virus Disinfection and Sanitation

A quick-spreading and infectious virus is a serious situation that needs quick attention. Besides spreading through human contact, often bacteria and germs found in these viruses can live on surfaces …

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Flash Flood Preparation For Businesses

Damage from flooding can leave you with lost assets, building damage, and more, all while facing dangerous evacuation situations. We’ve compiled a few expert flash flood preparation tips to help …

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

While it’s true that you should not tackle fire damage restoration and cleanup without expert help, there are steps you may take at home. It’s tough to sit idly by …

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Mold Damage Remediation Tips

As a homeowner, you’ll find yourself mentally preparing a list of concerns around the home. Mold is likely near the top. With over 300,000 mold species on the planet today, …

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Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water damage is more than just an annoying problem. It could be devastating to your home, possessions, and health in as little as 48 hours. If left untreated, a minor …

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