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Implementing a fire escape plan

In NY’s East End, did you know that implementing a fire escape plan could save the lives of you, your family, and your pets?

making a fire escape plan

Implementing a fire escape plan is a good idea since fires are probably the single most common disaster across the nation. So, there is no time to waste when a fire occurs. Putting together a good fire escape plan can help ensure that your family evacuates your house quickly and safely through routes that are pre-planned discussed and practiced.

Use this step-by-step guide when Implementing a fire escape plan

  • Make sure to have smoke alarms installed in every sleeping room, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of your house. Alarms need to be tested monthly and change all the batteries at least once a year.
  • Draw an accurate floor plan of your home. Mark the two easiest and quickest ways out of every room – especially sleeping areas. Make sure that all family members know how to open doors and window locks. If you have security bars on your windows or window guards, they should have a quick-release feature that can be operated from the inside.
  • If there are two or more floors, be sure to place portable escape ladders in or near windows. This provides an additional escape route. Never use the elevator to escape, stick to the stairs if you live in an apartment or high-rise condo building.
  • It’s important to set up a plan in advance for who will assist the very young, elderly, or physically challenged members of your household.
  • Teach and then remind your family frequently that when the smoke alarm sounds, they should:
  • If sleeping, roll out of bed onto the floor and stay low beneath the smoke and crawl to the door.
  • Always check the door for heat with the back of the hand. If the door is cool, then open it slowly and check to see if it’s safe to crawl to the nearest exit. If the door feels hot, don’t open it and if you can, place a towel or blanket across the bottom of the door. This will help to keep smoke out while you crawl to the nearest window to exit the house.
  • At a safe distance from the house (more than 300 feet away), choose an outside meeting place. Make sure everyone knows to meet at this location after they escape the burning house.
  • When all house members are safely at the designated meeting spot, call your local fire department immediately.
  • Never re-enter your house until a fire official gives you permission to re-enter the house after being declared safe and structurally sound.

When Should You Practice Your Fire Escape Plan?

You should practice your family’s fire escape plan at least once every six months. It’s important to practice it during the day and during the night. You will want to make the fire drill as realistic as possible. Practice all escape routes to ensure all household members know how to escape safely.

A small flame can quickly grow out of control and turn into a large, uncontrollable fire. This can happen in less than 30 seconds. That is why it’s vital for you to establish and plan your family’s fire escape plan. This is the best way to keep your family safe.

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